Solar Backpack Kickstarter Campaign and Contest!!! CONTEST!!! The coolest picture of your Man-PACK gear will win a SOLAR POWERED BACKPACK (featured in a new kickstarter campaign starting in 8 weeks) and a coupon for 50% off a Man-PACK. The 5 runner-up pictures submitted over the next 8 weeks will get a coupon for 50% off […]

Free Man-PACK Christmas cards!(for the procrastinating guy)

We don’t say “Holidays”, we say “Christmas!”  And Happy New Year too! And Happy Birthday to the Man-PACK man! (bet you didn’t know he was a Christmas baby?) For all you guys out there freaking out because you have procrastinated and not bought presents… Here are some cards to buy you some time… courtesy of […]

DougBrownSkate.com and Man-PACK

Man-PACK is elated to announce professional athlete Doug Brown as one of our spokespersons! Doug is a pro-skateboarder, motivational speaker, author, and founder of “Skate Straight,” an organization devoted to enhancing the character of youth through skateboarding. “Brown wholeheartedly believes in positive change and the importance of hope and optimism.” That’s pretty cool and a […]

Man-PACK launches new “Classic 2.0” on Kickstarter.com

Man-PACK launches new “Classic 2.0” on Kickstarter.com Front Royal, VA- Man-PACK is proud to announce the release of their newest men’s carry bag, the “Classic 2.0” on kickstarter.com. The 2.0 Man-PACK is using Kickstarter.com to test the market for this new product, build brand awareness, expand the product line, and increase the consumer base for […]