2 replies on “Win a new Man-PACK from Doug Brown!

  • Jim in Va.

    My back deserves one of those packs so I can walk better and longer and load goodies in the bag at gun shows,stores,hunting and would be a nice range bag!

  • Donald White

    I have seen this bag just not a gun show’s but people wearing them at work. I travel alot and see the value of this pack.
    I have asked the guys what they think of the pack, and right now it has surpassed there expatations.
    They have told me it is the best for going from one Office to the other and be hands free is key.
    They say it is worth getting for travel alone even if your just running to the store it’s so handy. So I need to WIN one of these packs so I can help promote it as I show other MEN how this pack will help there day to day operation. I have talked to others that carry backpacks and they say they don’t really need to carry somthing so bulky but other then a briefcase what else is there.
    Help me help them let me be the one to WIN this and I will promote it like CRAZY!!!!

    Thank you Donald White


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